A Mapungubwe love affair

We recently spent 5 nights at Mapungubwe’s Leokwe Camp, seeing out the old year and welcoming a new one in. This national park was J’s home for a year in 2006 – his first year in South Africa – and it’s where we got married in 2009.

In the three years in the middle, we fell in love with each other. Our early emotions and feelings are inextricably connected to the landscape. We see ourselves in the two halves of the mopane leaves, in the klipspringers that bound over the rocks, in the tangled roots of the rock figs and in the shooting stars we’ve watched and wished on together.

Maps collage
Impressions of Mapungubwe, January 2016 via @afribird on Instagram.

The warmth of the sun reflecting off the russet rocks feels like love. Fish eagles calling over the confluence sound like love. The baobabs – timeless and sure – look like love.

I don’t know how many times we’ve been back to the park for work or leisure, but each time, the landscape claims us. This trip was no exception. Welcomed by familiar faces, old memories mixed with new ones as we introduced our bush baby to our ‘heart home’, whispering to her that this is where it all began…

We lounged in Leokwe’s rock pool, watched Zimbabwe flat lizards dance over the rocks and reveled in an Eden of wildflowers. We lazed while elephants dozed, chased butterflies in the midday sun and sat quietly in darkness while the moon rose.

Thank-you Mapungubwe for welcoming us home. Where there is already so much love, more grows.



4 thoughts on “A Mapungubwe love affair

  1. Special memories. Funny how the word love seems to go hand in hand with wonderful Mapungubwe. In my book “A Walk in the Park” one of the chapters about Mapungubwe was titled “Falling in love”, though in our case it was more with the place than each other as we were already old marrieds when we first went there in 2007.

    1. I am going to have to re-read that chapter now 🙂 I must say the park is looking fantastic at the moment. The management team is doing a great job.

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