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We recently escaped Hoedspruit’s dry bushveld for a week of sun, sea and sand in Cape Town at Dolphin Beach Villa.

You can book Dolphin Beach Villa on Air BnB or via the Dolphin Beach Villa website.

Did a cold and smoggy interlude in Joburg make the view from Dolphin Beach Villa seem even more spectacular than it was? This was the question we pondered after the sun had set and Table Mountain was swallowed by twinkling lights across the bay.

The answer was no. The mountain was just as spectacular in the morning as it had been the afternoon before. We couldn’t quite believe it as we stared at it from our bed. And then did the same the next day, and the next, and the next…

It takes some time to acclimatise to such a beautiful sight and we found ourselves enjoying our view of Table Mountain constantly; from the room (supremely comfortable), from the lounge (fronted by massive glass windows and full of light), from the balcony (large and private), from the patio (wide and sheltered and smelling of sea breeze and lavender), from the beach (long, clean and dotted with kite surfers and dog walkers)…

Our stay at this beautiful beachfront property felt like a home-coming of sorts, to the type of home we would imagine for ourselves and our kids if we lived in Cape Town. I say imagined because, I repeat, Dolphin Beach Villa is on the beach.

We ventured out for groceries (wine, olives, some buckets and spades, a kite) and settled down to some serious seaside living under the mountain’s steady gaze. Hoedspruit? Joburg? The mountain left no room for worry or work or wondering, except about when to make the next coffee or pour the first drink!

Staying in such beautiful accommodation and in such a great location meant we had very little incentive to drive anywhere, but we did fit in a visit to the aquarium. Along with all the delights of the V&A Waterfront and the city bowl, it’s a 20 minute drive away.

Back at Dolphin beach villa, the aloes were blooming all kinds of crimson and the sun had turned the sea to gold. The right kind of wind had picked up and the sky was full of kites. It was extraordinary to watch; a mix of craziness and grace; muscle and technique, mermaids and mad birds…

This beach provides some of the very best kite surfing in the world; you literally could not be better situated for it as the dozens of kites in the air showed.

The aquarium aside, we ventured out maybe another three times during our week-long stay (that’s not a lot, given Cape Town’s many, many attractions). We saw the penguins at Boulders (and had a seafood feast at Kalkys) and spent some remarkably kiddy-friendly time at Spier, where it was worth losing sight of the mountain for a bit to indulge in some bubbles and charcuterie.

The rest of the time, we flew kites. We walked on the beach. We danced with the waves. We had picnics. We enjoyed each other’s company. We listened to the ocean. We took in the view.

For us, the more time we spent at Dolphin Beach Villa, the richer the experience became as we found our stride as a family of four; this was our first holiday since our son was born in October last year. Whatever the season, the casual abundance of beauty in Cape Town never wanes. Our break was a winter one but we had sunshine every day except for one. I can imagine what summer here must be like…glory days, and that mountain view…

The property is designed and furnished for maximum comfort and convenience, with no expense spared. It represents incredible value for money for Cape Town, given its prime location. The owners have made it ridiculously easy to feel right at home at their home-away-from-home so whether you are into adventure sports, food or culture, you have the perfect base.

You can book Dolphin Beach Villa on Air BnB or via the Dolphin Beach Villa website.

How beautiful is this accommodation ON. THE. BEACH. Meals on the patio were magic.

Even if you don’t know how to kite surf, watching it is truly engrossing.

Look forward to sunsets like these.

If you want a break from the beach, expect gardens like this; aloes, lavender, roses and lawns…

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