Like a weed in the sun

My daughter got her report card today. I try to respect her right to privacy so I won’t share details, but I teared up when I read it.

Part of it was love and pride in who she is and how she is in the world. Part of it was awe that, in such short a time, she’s achieved so much. And part of it was just gratitude for being able to experience being her mom.

I never anticipated how fully formed my children would be, arriving in this world with their own identities, characters, talents and ambitions. As they grow, I realise more and more each day that their lives are a process of becoming; everything they need in life is contained within. 

It appears to have very little to do with us, so long as we guide them, love them and protect them along the way, being careful not to damage any part of who they are as they find their way in the world.

Sanne is already Sanne. Bram is already Bram. Now they must flourish, like weeds in the sun.

Over the last year, the wonderful directresses at Baobab Montessori have provided plenty of sunlight!  As I have gotten to know and appreciate the Montessori pedagogy, I realise more and more how this environment aligns with what we want for our children; a nurturing environment, safe from harm; in which they can develop into who they already are (does that make sense?).

One of the most rewarding parts of the school year was being able to observe Sanne in the Montessori environment and realise just how much of an individual she is, with challenges, friendships and a life of her own. I feel confident she’s getting the skills she needs to navigate an increasingly complex world and, just as importantly, the self-belief to know that she can.

Her interests are encouraged; her milestones are met and she loves to learn. She has boundaries she tests and impulses she’s still mastering; but she’s supported in this process and guided with love, care and experience.  At the end of another year I have a child who is kind, creative and engaged in the world around her, learning to express and moderate her feelings, part of a circle of friends; polite and independent and confident in who she is; just herself and one of a kind.

Thank-you to Baobab Montessori for supporting Sanne and helping us equip her for a rich and full life; not just by teaching her how to count, read and write, but by seeing her as she is. And creating an environment where for now, that is more than enough. 

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