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The Afribird team is on a Zimbabwean and Zambian adventure until October 2013.  You can join us via or follow us on twitter @afribird.

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  1. Hello, I found a stunning Nguni Cow on the web that is copyrighted to Afribird. I would like to use the photo and change it to black and white for a website I am developing called NguniBlog. It is not yet active. The purpose of the blog is really an outlet for me, taking photos expressing my gratitude and joy at living in SA and this continent. Celebrating the positive. My scale is very small, and is not for profit. It is not my full time occupation.

    1. Hi Karyn. Thanks for contacting me. That picture has turned up in a few places online without me knowing about it so appreciate you asking. You can use the image if you still need to, but please credit me and link back? Di

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